This is the final version of the spectrum analyzer, this is the version that will get shipped to buyers. The two boards can be connected either by cable or one on top of each-other trough pin headers. You need to specify the model you want on ordering. You can get the kit assembled or unassembled, for this there are two separate products in the shop(for assembly guide check the forum).

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I’ll post some of the most important features and specifications here:


  • motherboard: 8188 mm.
  • matrix: 23672 mm.


  • 7,5 V 1 A DC (the maximum current draw is 600 mA).
  • power is supplied to the board trough a 2,1 mm DC power connector.
  • you can get this type of adapter from Youritronics shop.

Dc power adapter for the spectrum analyzer

Input signal:

  • signal level 200 mV
  • Audio input is supplied to the board trough 2 x RCA connectors.
  • you can get this type of cable from Youritronics shop.

RCA-Stereo Jack 2 m cable


  • 2020 led bargraph display (red or green).
  • 9 display modes selectable trough button 2 present on the display board.
  • on/off (standby) control selectable trough button 1 present on the display board.
  • ISP (in system programming, if you have an AVR programmer that supports this feature, you can update the firmwire if new version is released)

First units were shipped,  and I’m curious about what you think related to the project so visit the Youritronics forum and share some of your thoughts also if you have any questions you can ask them there.