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As you can see there are now 4 displaying modes, and on/off control trough two pushbuttons that sit next to the LED’s. In this version I used a cable to connect the two boards, but the boards can also be connected one on top of each other.

I’ve checked some shipping rates for united states and here is what I got:

Romania to USA, 1 kg:

UPS Express Saver 60 USD 1-5 business days
UPS expedited 62 USD – 2-5 Business Days
DHL – something like 110 USD with 2 days delivery time
Express Mail Service 41 USD probably 10 days
FedEx –  117 USD 2 business days

At the moment it seems that UPS, DHL and FedEx require proforma invoice for the product. Because I’m not a registered company I have no means to provide that so I’ll have to find a way around this problem.

later edit: The solution is Express Mail Service which is the cheapest and I can send the item as a gift thus avoiding any other papers. Delivery time to US usually under 10 days