This is my first movie on diy stuff. Movies are a much better way to teach people on doing stuff because they can see the details and watch the steps in the movie much easier than reading some boring text. In this first movie i am teaching you how to increase your wireless signal strength using just a soda can. Here is how it works: the shape of the can and the materials that is made from concentrate the signal and this is how you get an increased signal. Good luck building it.

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VMUSIC is a product that not only lets you add USB Flash drive interfacing to your product but allows you to play back MP3 and other popular digital music formats direct from a USB Flash drive. Extensions to the VDAP command set allow you to play a selected file as well as control the volume, balance, etc. of the sound channel and monitor the status of the file being played. VMUSIC is ideal for adding MP3 playback from USB drive capability to home entertainment and in-car audio systems, as well as other appliances requiring audio playback capability from USB Flash drives.

VMUSIC Module - easily add USB Flash Drive interface

Vmusic features include :

  • One USB “A” socket to connect to USB Flash drive
  • Audio line-out connector for audio playback
  • Stereo 3.5mm headphone jack socket and audio line-out connector for audio playback
  • Single 5V supply input
  • Program or update firmware via USB Flash disk or via UART interface

Link to product page.

November 22nd, 2007

BLUI: Blowable user interface

We have to ask ourselves , is this the future in user interfaces ? maybe yes. Students at Georgia Tech have created an audio analysis program that lets you blow at your computer as a way to control it. It only uses one microphone, and after a quick calibration, it’s ready to go.

This is a way to support blowing at a laptop or computer screen to directly control certain interactive applications. Localization estimates are produced in real-time to determine where on the screen the person is blowing. You can do this by using a single microphone, such as those that are already embedded in a standard laptop or one placed near a computer monitor by using audio fingerprinting.

Link to research paper on BLUI.

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    Yet another great instuctable , this one about upgrading the drive from an iPod Mini, feel free to try this one if you think the 4 gigs are not enough for your needs, or ofcourse you can just buy a new iPod a better one with more drive space :). Link

iPod Mini drive upgrading from 4 GB to 5 GB

November 20th, 2007

Build a Blu Ray Phaser

Very original idea , and i think i don’t need to say any more how cool is this blu-ray laser which is much powerful than ordinary lasers. I like lasers, but i’m trying to keep costs low when building projects, and this one is a bit expensive, however if you like this you can try build it, i am sure it will be nice.

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