Fetch Flickr Images On A Nokia LCD

Alex from Tinkerlog added an interesting article about fetching Flickr images on a Nokia LCD. He used a Nokia 6100 LCD including breakout board from Sparkfun. The MCU is an ATmega48, though cheap, not the best choice as he encountered some problems with the image quality. First the image is fetched from Flickr using Beej’s Python Flickr API than the image is resized and sent to the LCD. Taken to consideration the fact that this is his first LCD project we can call it a success.

Fetch Flickr Images On A Nokia LCD: [Link]

Negative Power Supply (-5V / -12V / -15V)

Sometimes you need a simple negative power supply. The best example is the contrast PSU for common small LCD device. Building -5V from a battery or a wallmart supply isn’t really easy. The author used the MAX 764/765/766 series to build the power supply. You can simply change the chip to provide the desired output.

Negative Power Supply (-5V / -12V / -15V): [Link]

T-Clock An ARM7 Controlled Blue LCD Clock

T-Clock is a demo-application for Philips LPC2000 ARM7TDMI controller with a KS0108/KS0107-based graphics-LCD (128*64 pixels), DCF77 time-receiver and one wire bus (for DS18x20-Temp.-Sensor).

The time and date are received with a DCF77-receiver-module. The DCF77-signal is transmitted from a station near Frankfurt/Main, Germany and can be received all over Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East. Please visit www.ptb.de and ask google with “DCF77” for more information. In times when the DCF77-signal is not available (i.e. thunder and lightning near transmitter) the RTC of the LPC-controller is used to drive the clock.

The clock also display the temperature measured trough a DS18x20 family sensor. he sensors provide the temperature in digital form on a One-Wire-Bus. The Maxim Web-Site has a lot of information on the One-Wire-Bus.

The whole project should cost you about 100 Euro’s, not cheap but a very good and interesting project for ARM microcontrollers.

T-Clock An ARM7 Controlled Blue LCD Clock: [Link]

June 19th, 2008

3-Digit Frequency Meter

3-Digit Frequency Meter

This schematic is ment to digitally display the output of an electronic Swissflow SF800 flow sensor. This sensor puts out an open collector square wave signal (like a fan RPM monitoring signal) between 50Hz (=0.5 liter/minute) and 2000Hz (=20 liter/minute).

By dividing the measured frequency by 10 and putting the decimal point at the right place you get directly a display in liter/minute. I don’t use the first digit output (output D) from the 74C925 to obtain a display of 10 to 9990Hz or xx.x liter/minute.

3-Digit Frequency Meter: [Link]

Mobile infrared electronic transmitter

Interfacing Your Computer to an ADC via the Parallel Port

Interfacing an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with Linux via the parallel port is fairly simple. There two major areas that need to be addressed – hardware and software. The hardware consists of the parallel port, an ADC, and an analog signal source. The software we programmed in ‘C’ language.

Interfacing Your Computer to an ADC via the Parallel Port: [Link]

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