June 17th, 2008

IR – relay control


Choose one key on your remote controller (from tv, video or similar), memorized it following a simple procedure and with that key you will able to turn ON or OFF any electrical device you wish. So, with every short press of that key, you change the state of relay in receiver (Ir-switch).

Memorizing remote controller key is simple and you can do it following this procedure: press key on Ir-switch and led-diode will turn ON. Now you can release key on Ir-switch, and press key on your remote controller. If you do that, led-diode will blink, and your memorizing process is finished.

IR – relay control: [Link]

RF-Microwave Frequency Counter

The PIC 16F876A drives a standard LCD module with a HD44780 controller and a resolution of two rows of 16 characters each. The HD44780 requires 8 data lines (port B of the 16F876A) and three control signals: RegisterSelect (RC6), Read/Write (GND) and Enable (RC7). Since the data presented on the 8-bit-wide output port RB0-7 is only written to the HD44780, the R/W input is hardwired to ground (/Write). The LCD back-light LEDs are supplied through two 10ohm current-limiting resistors.

RF-Microwave Frequency Counter: [Link]

LCD Display Controlled From A Computer Trough The Parallel Port

Connecting a LCD display to the end of a printer-cable is a simple and effective way of providing additional functionality to your computer system. The printer-cable LCD can be mounted on your computer case or fitted inside a Jiffy-Box and displayed somewhere away from your case. Even the fully functional software interface is simple to install and configure. The parts used are a non-backlit 16 x 2 character LCD and a parallel port cable(printer cable).

LCD Display Controlled From A Computer Trough The Parallel Port: [Link]

June 15th, 2008



ATMEGA8 DevBRD is an open source development board for the Atmel ATmega8 build especially for Linux users. The board is well suited for beginners who just want to start learning the avr programming but also for advanced users who want to use it as an MCU board.

ATMEGA8 DevBRD: [Link]

June 14th, 2008

Simple Digital Thermometer

Simple Digital Thermometer

The circuit seems to be very popular because it is so simple and still has a very useful and practical application and It is considered by some the perfect circuit to get started with AVR microcontrollers.

This thermometer can be used as a standalone thermometer with LCD display or it can be read out with a PC running Linux, Windows, MacOSX or solaris. BSD Unix and others are probably also possible to use for reading the temperatures. No special drivers are needed.

Simple Digital Thermometer: [Link]

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