July 28th, 2008

The Truth Behind SD Cards

The Truth Behind SD Cards

I don’t know that this title make you think off, but i couldn’t express better the subject. We’re talking about SD cards that are not what you’d expect them to be. Sparfun electronics accidentally discovered while looking inside an SD card that it actually contains a micro SD card soldered to the SD pins. The job looks like it is hand soldered so the guys from sparkfun think there must have been a huge batch of microSD cards and a perceived shortage of full size SD cards.

The Truth Behind SD Cards: [Link]

July 27th, 2008

FPGA Digital Oscilloscope

FPGA Digital Oscilloscope

The guys from fpga4fun have this interesting recipe for a simple digital oscilloscope which is made with the following parts:

  • 1 x Pluto FPGA board, with TXDI and cable (item#1121, $39.95)
  • 1 x Flash acquisition board (item#1200, $29.95)
  • 1 x BNC (item#1250, $4.95)
  • 1 x Nylon standoffs (item#1270, $0.95)
  • 1 x Male/female connectors 28 (item#1275, $2.95)

That’s about $78.75 so you can also call it a cheap oscilloscope because all commercial oscilloscopes are priced higher than $70.

FPGA Digital Oscilloscope: [Link]

Graphic LCD Pannel Interfaced With FPGA

FPGAs make great video controllers and can easily control graphic LCD panels. Graphic LCD panels are more advanced than text lcd panels and can display interesting stuff. The graphic LCD panels have a digital interface and can be interfaced in two ways:

  1. With a Video-like interface
  2. With a CPU-peripheral-like interface

Graphic LCD Pannel Interfaced With FPGA: [Link]

FPGA Chip Interfaced With LCD Module

Text LCD modules are cheap and easy to interface using a microcontroller or FPGA. To control an LCD module, you need 11 IO pins to drive an 8-bits data bus and 3 control signals. Most of the LCD modules are based on the HD44780 chip or compatible and the internet is full of resources on how to interface those.

FPGA Chip Interfaced With LCD Module: [Link]

40 Minutes Of Low-Fi 1-Bit Electronic Music

An electronic circuit is assembled inside a CD case with a headphone jack on the side. The device plays back 40 minutes of low-fi 1-bit electronic music—the lowest possible digital representation of audio. The device is available for $25 and it’s sold as a form of art.

40 Minutes Of Low-Fi 1-Bit Electronic Music: [Link]

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