August 22nd, 2008

Sony DSC H9 review

Sony DSC H9 review

You’ve probably noticed the pictures from my last projects… they look pretty cool. That’s because i got a new camera, a Sony DSC H9. The macros are great, i can see the particles of dust on my circuit boards, the landscapes are great, i took some stuning pictures in my vacation in the mountains.

I’m not gonna go trough all of the aspects in this review, I’m just gonna tell you what impresses me about this camera. I payed for it at a local retail store about $520 complete with a 2 GB memory stick pro duo. The camera was nicely packed and accesorized. For example i got a cool remote control, that i can use to take pictures remotely. I also got a shoulder strap which you don’t get on most cameras.

The battery, is sony, as expected and it last actually more than they say it will. They guarantee that it will last you 300 photos, but i take aprox 600 photos with one charge.

If you plan on getting one, i suggest you take no less than 2 GB memory card. Because on 2 Gb it rarely gets full, and you’ll alaways have room for more pictures when you’re away from your computer and you can’t download them.

Another good thing about the camera, it’s the 15x zoom complete with image stabilization, which helps you get more acurrate details into your pictures when shooting at a distance.

The camera also has other nice functions like many shooting resolutions, the i prefere beeing the widescreen mode. In my opinion this is the best choice in digital camera before moving into the SLR category.

I hear that digital photo frames are they way to show your pictures arround the house these days, maybe one from Sony will work ok together with my H9.

August 16th, 2008

ATmega8 Development Board

I think this is the easiest development board that one ca build, but it servers it’s purpose so there is no need to make it more complicated. I needed such a design to test some code that I’ll be using to create a small unit to fit in my car. A unit that will be able to show me the Clock, outside and inside temeprature, Fuel status, RPM’s , and also control some other functions like making an anoying beep when i leave my headlights on.

ATmega8 Development Board ATmega8 Development Board ATmega8 Development Board

I made the board using my photo etching technique, and as you can see the results are great. The dev board has 17 I/O lines that are connected to a 17 pin header. On the board there is a 2 color LED tied to PortC pin 1 and 2. On PortC pin 0 there is a PNP transistor that controls the output for a buzzer. So i always use pin 0 to connect the buzzer.

ATmega8 Development Board

There is also an ISP connector on the board to be used for ISP programming, and an extra VCC pin so you can get power from it. I power my board with 2 AA batteries which provide enough current for testing purposes, but to ensure you’ve got enough power you should probably power it from 3 x AA batteries to get 4,5 V.

Here are a couple of source codes that i developed on this board:

This one makes a beep for 5 seconds than stops.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

And this one blinks the two color LED.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

I’ll be integrating these codes in a larger project. All codes are written in C and the board was designed in Eagle, here are the download links:

PCB manufactured by BKRtech for PCB giveaway program at Youritronics.comPCB manufactured by BKRtech for PCB giveaway program at

The title is pretty straightforward, it’s time to give something back to my readers. Inspired by the Giveaway project from uChobby i created my own giveaway project the main difference is that instead of parts for projects i offer PCB’s for projects, professionally designed PCB’s. Our sponsor for this program is BKRtech, a professionally board manufacturer.

I hope you’ll find this interesting and participate. The program page is here.

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