9 Bits Visual Memory

When i first saw this project i thought this could be turned into one of those dance steps learning game. The device consists of a 33 matrix of buttons. The system memorates the sequence in which you press the buttons and then plays it for you by lighting a LED under those buttons. You can also program multiple sequences. If you don’t press any button for a longer period of time, 4 seconds i believe, the device goes from recording to playback.

It is quite an interesting memory game, and can be transformed into a larger project. Like in one of those smart houses… in case you get lost this device will show you what path you took. On the other hand the algorithm behind this project can be used in beat generators, sequencers, power distribution sequencers and many others.

The Nove Bit as it was called is using Arduino and a TLC 5940 microcontroller. Source code is available for download as well as some instructions on how to build it.

9 Bits Visual Memory: [Link]