Analog display reinvented

Nowadays everybody is using LCD’s, OLED’s, TFT’s to display information, this project is almost a gadget since it uses analog meter gauges to show the time, off course you can display other stuff to, like Internet connection speed, or your stock status, check the link for details.

The hardware is based on Arduino, but you can use it as a starting point to adapt to your favorite controller, for the displays you can use the commonly used 0-20mA or the 0-10V gauges with customized back plane, if you choose the 0-20mA type than a voltage to current circuit is needed, if you use the 0-10V type then a voltage amplifier with a gain of 2. In both cases you use the PWM outputs to make the Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC) and one op-amp to adapt the 0-5V to the meter gauge.

Analog display reinvented: [via] [Link]