Another cool robot gadget The Hexapod     The hexapod is another cool gadget from Active Robots, for those of you who like robots and DIY you should buy this and see how it goes with the assembly of the robot. The Extreme Hexapod 1 Walker Kit really walks using a simplified version of the alternating tripod gait. The robot’s six legs are controlled by three servos to provide full stride, (horizontal motion), and 1″ of leg lift, (vertical motion).

    The middle legs use a parallelogram design to make the lifting operation much more efficient. With a payload of more than 12 oz., this robot has no trouble getting around. The robot is supplied with control electronics. A host PC is required to download programs to the robot. Everything you need to get on the move is included in this kit. You can buy this kit for about 350 $ from Active Robots page

Some of the features are:

  • Precision Laser cut structural components
  • Autonomous operation once programmed
  • Sample programs for the Basic Atom are provided
  • Preassembled electronics
  • Full Tripod gait using only three servos