Arduino board clone

Arduino based projects are very popular, because of its versatility, ease of operation and pretty large amount of projects available to be put into practice. This being said it’s not unexpected to see clones being made like the Coreduino.

Named like this because it uses the core of the Arduino board, the ATmega168 microcontroller and its oscillator components 16Mhz Xtal and the two 15pF capacitors. Coreduino’s PCB is smaller and can be easily connected to a breadboard. There are soldering bridges that let you power the board from ISP or USB. The programmers were built on separate PCBs and this way you can use the same programmer for many Coreduino boards. USB and Serial programmers are presented.

The USB programmer uses a FT232RL chip to convert data from USB to serial and send it to the ATmega. It can also power your Coreduino board and you can select the logic level to either 3.3V or 5V. The serial programmer has two level shifters made with discrete components and you can have RTS or DTR line to reset the Coreduino but you can not power the board with it.

In the project you will find all schematics and PCB layouts, everything you need to get it done.

Arduino Board Clone: [Link]