Arduino Nano 3.0

The Arduino Nano 3.0 is an Arduino-based electronics board that is designed to be mounted on a breadboard and can be accessed using the integrated USB port. This new version of the Nano features the Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller, which has more RAM and flash memory than its predecessor (ATmega168) and costs $35, cheaper than the previous model too.

The new Arduino Nano, like its forerunner, works at 5V, having limits of input voltage between 6 and 12V, 14 digital I/O pins with 6 of them being able to provide PWM output, 8 analog input pins and a clock speed of 16MHz. It also features automatic reset during program download, auto sensing/switching power input and standard 0.1” spacing DIP for easy breadboard installation. However, this new version possesses double amounts of memory: 32KB of flash memory (2KB are used for the bootloader), 2KB SRAM memory and 1KB EEPROM memory.

The PCB of the Nano 3.0 is a two-layer model, which makes it cheaper to produce and easier to hack. The blue power LED has been moved to the top side of the board and the pin labels have been rearranged. The Arduino Nano 3.0 is manufactured by Gravitech and it costs $30 if pre-ordered from them. The new models will ship on July 27th.

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