AVR ATmega88 development board

We’ve added a new feature to Youritronics, an online shop. We are just starting so for now we only have one item in shop, that is the ATmega88 Development board designed and build by Outsolder Solutions which is a Youritronics partner.

The board features:

  • Board can be powered from AC/DC power, 7.5V-18V/500mA.
  • Firmware can be loaded via preprogrammed bootloader or 6 pin ISP connector.
  • All on board connections made from MCU pins to additional components are made with solder
  • jumpers for easy removal in case of reconfiguration.
  • All MCU pins connected to pin header pins trough 100Ω resistor for short-circuit protection.
  • 5VDC/350mA available on the pin headers, with voltage suppressor protection.
  • Reset circuit and reset button.
  • DB9 connector for serial connection, RS232 to TTL level converter.
  • Potentiometer for ADC input.
  • DC buzzer connected to PWM output.
  • 10 segment led bar controlled by SPI.
  • 2 push buttons for generating external interrupts or general purpose inputs.
  • External crystal oscillator 14,76MHz(not connected, the MCU is set to internal RC 8MHz oscillator).

You can read more about the board at the shop page. (the shop is currently under construction, sorry for any inconvenience.)