ATtiny26 Accelerometer assembled

The aim is to build a meter which measures the lateral acceleration force in car, also called g-force or centrifugal force. This is the force which pushes the driver or passenger to the left in a fast right hand turn. The force is normally expressed in g, 1 g (9.8 m/s/s) corresponds to the acceleration due to gravity.
A normal car can handle approximately 0.8 g, above this values, the tires cannot handle the sideways force anymore and the car will move sideways. The best sports cars can handle up to approximately 1 g.

To measure the G-force, we use the Analog Devices ADXL103. This is a high accuracy accelerometer, which is not really necessary for this project. The ADXL311 seems pin compatible to the ADXL103 and is cheaper. Furthermore, The board was designed such that also a Freescale accelerometer can be used (not tested).

ATtiny26 Accelerometer: [Link]