AVR password manager device

These day’s there is a need for increased security, whether were talking about web-page, web-servers, applications most of them need a user-name and a password to gain access to them. People are not so good on remembering long strings of characters, and good password’s need to be long and mixed with numbers and letter.

That’s why people tend to use the same user-name and password for different applications, this being obviously wrong. So the following project enables the user to store the user-names and password on a Java smart card which is considered to be one of the most secured methods to store confidential information. Whenever an application pop’s a box requesting the user-name and password the device will automatically fill those from the external java card.

The project is built around the Atmel AVR ATmega168 microcontroller and has an LCD display and numeric keypad with alphanumeric entry capability to show and enter information respectively.

AVR password manager: [Download Project][View Project PDF]