Car temperature gauge

This project was send to us by Bob Ashlock, who is rightfully proud of his achievement, he made a temperature gauge with the LM34 sensor and PIC16F684. He inspired he’s project from this PIC16F84 thermometer that was posted here on youritronics. The sensor has 10mV/F output, not to be mistaken with the LM35 which has 10mV/C output, but the firmware can be easily adapted.

The source code  is well documented, but there is room for optimization, yet taking into consideration that this is Bob’s first project and he learned by himself its a great code. The outcome looks very nice and has its practical use, he used to measure the air and oil temperature in his 66′ Porsche. In the download you have the schematic and source code written in C.

Great job, and thanks for sharing with us your project and experience.

Car temperature gauge: [download]