DIY Solar Charger for iPhone

Here is a multifunctional charger that you can use with your iPhone or iPod or many other devices. The main feature is solar charging using a 4.5V/100mA solar cell but it can also accept voltage input varying from 3.7V to 7V from a wall wart for example. Having a 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium Polymer battery inside it can also be used as a power reserve in your travels.

To build this you will need a Minty Boost Kit which is a USB charger and to this USB port you will connect the device who’s internal battery is depleted. You will also need a charger for the LiPo battery. The Minty Boost will be connected to this LiPo charger along with the solar cell.

Depending on the solar cell you will be using, you might need to put a diode between the cell and the charger to prevent the draining of the LiPo battery when the light is low. All it needs now is a case. All parts used are very compact, the solar cell is 3.7″x2.4″. Using a bigger one however will decrease the charging time.

It can’t take more than one hour to build it and considering the usability of this charger i wish you all good luck with your build.

DIY Solar charger for iPod/iPhone: [Link][Via]

Replace iPhone front panel

“Operator?! I need an exit!” I bet if iPhone existed when they shot The Matrix they would’ve used it. It’s a great device and can really get you on antidepressants when it gets damaged somehow. There are however some problems that you can fix yourself, for example a cracked front panel. The iPhone is a little more difficult than regular phones to open so you will need some tools but nothing very exotic.

Since you will be dealing with small and sensitive mechanical and electronic parts you must be very careful and meticulous. Specially when you are using metallic tools that can scratch or slip and damage some other component. If you tried to open the older iPhone you will be pleased to know the newer iPhone 3G is more friendly in that matter. The display can now be detached from the front panel with little care.  The front panel glass is glued to the rest of the case, but the glue gets soft if you heat it.

It is very well suggested to put the screws and other parts that come off on some scotch tape so you don’t lose them. A magnet also works very well for screws.

With some care the results can be excellent and your iPhone will be back in shape. So get to work and enjoy.

Learn how to replace iPhone’s front panel: [Link]

July 24th, 2008

3.5″ Hard-Drive iPod


The idea of the project was raised after the author messed with it’s 40 gb iPod and broken it’s internal hard drive. So he decided to open up the iPod and see what he could do with it. Altough the project it’s a success because the author managed to get it runing on the new external hard-drive, i wouldn’t call it that much of a success because the sollution it’s not very practical, and as you can see from the picture it looks kind of messy.

3.5″ Hard-Drive iPod: [Link]

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July 10th, 2008

iPhone 3G Taken Apart

Rumor has it the white iPhones are out there, but as rare as an albino whale. This iPhone costs $979 NZ without a contract (but locked to Vodafone, of course). So from now on i guess you know what’s going to happen with this iPhone 3g, it’s gonna get dismantled by the guys from iFixit.

iPhone 3G Taken Apart

Perhaps the least-touted new feature of the iPhone 3G is the flush headphone jack, allowing non-Apple headphones to be used without an adapter. Yay!

iPhone 3G Taken Apart

TechOnline will be decapping the chips that the guys from iFixit can’t identify, tomorrow, after the US release. They soak the chip in an acid bath to eat away the ceramic coating, then use x-rays and other fancy equipment to examine it.

Perhaps one of the first misteryes of the new Iphone 3G is the recycle marker on the battery that has been blacked out with a marker.


And I’m closing this article with a group photo. From top left to bottom right: Display glass, LCD, Main board and EMI shield, Antenna and battery, Back panel.

Thanks iFixit for showing us what’s the new iPhone 3G made off.

iPhone 3G Taken Apart: [Link]

Transform your new iPhone into an old school iPhone: [New iPhone]

April 8th, 2008

New iPhone on Ebay

New iPhone on Ebay

Iphone fans from all over the world continue to surprise me with this nifty gadgets that they craft. For example a seller is now offering a solid white gold iPhone on Ebay at the price of $10,000. It’s “skillfully enhanced by 5.65 carats of VS Brilliant Cut Diamonds.” Although the price might seem a bit spicy for most of us, Im sure it will get selled with no problems.

New iPhone on Ebay : [Auction Page]

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