As I told you in my previous post I visited a small museum of technology in Paris. So here are the pictures I took: as you can see allot of the museum is about Apple and their progress troughout the years.

November 2nd, 2009

Museum of Technology

Since I’m in France I went sightseeing and I came across the Museum of Technology located on the top floor of the Grande Arche de la Défense. It’s not a big museum but I saw some interesting things there. I have a set of pictures that I will post here but first I would like to ask to see if you guys know what’s in this picture(as soon as I get a couple of comments, I’ll release the other photos with their descriptions).


July 4th, 2009

BackTrack WEP Cracking

Backtrack WEP Cracking

The Wired Equivalent Privacy is an encryption algorithm that was introduced in 1997 for securing wireless networks and was designed to offer the privacy of a wired network in a wireless one. Known to have security flaws since 2001, WEP was superseded by WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) in recent years, but is still used in many wireless networks.

BackTrack is a Linux distribution which is distributed as a Live CD and can be used for performing security tests and other various tasks. Using BackTrack’s command line, called Konsole, and a few nifty commands, you can crack the WEP encryption and log onto the network. This tutorial uses BackTrack version 3, as version 4 is only in pre-release stage.

First and foremost, you will need a wireless adapter capable of packet injection and, of course, a wireless network nearby that uses WEP. The first thing you need to do is get a list of network interfaces and then fake a MAC address on your network interface. Next, you get a list of wireless network interfaces and look for one that uses WEP encryption. The final step is collecting enough data packets to make the crack successful (this requires that the signal is strong, so collecting of the data doesn’t take ages).

WEP has been cracked before and you can find lots of other tutorials on the Internet, so it’s no secret that it’s not a secure encryption standard. This one though can help even someone with just a little networking experience to successfully crack WEP. It only takes a few adequate tools and a little patience and voila! – you’re hacking. Detailed BackTrack commands, as well as screenshots and additional information is available in the link.

BackTrack WEP Cracking: [Link][via]

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Another useful application for a LED dot matrix display, well useful for those who use twitter. The purpose of the project is simple, it scrolls your twitters on the led matrix, this way you don’t have to be in front of your computer to see what’s new. Source codes and info about building it is provided by the author. The matrix is controlled by an Arduino

Physical LED Twitter Scrolls Your Twitters: [Link]

 Computer controlled RGB Lamp Board      Computer controlled RGB Lamp heatsink

This project teaches you how to build a lamp that can change color, and can be controlled by a computer. Simple Python and C programs for your PC or Mac are provided that let you program color patterns into the lamp. Implementing the weather forecast and other ideas are then up to you. Web scraping with wget is easy if you understand a scripting language. The whole project should cost under 100 euro, half of which is for the lamp (glass ball, LED module, microcontroller, and odds and ends), and the other half for the flash programmer if you don’t have one. So considering you already have a programmer, the project should not set you back too much.

Computer controlled RGB Lamp: [Link]

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