DIY Touch Sensor PCB assembled

This is a simple circuit which can detect when you touch a sensor connected to one of the sensor inputs. It can be used to add a touch switch to your computer for example. It uses an AVR micro controller, the AT90S2313. Anyway, the basic idea is really simple. Make one pin output and another input. Connect a resistor between these pins. The resistor together with the human capacitance (about 100 pF) forms an RC network. The AVR set the output to low and then make a transition from 0V to +5V. 5 µs after this switch, the logic level at the input pin is sampled. If someone is touching the probe connected to the input pin, the capacitor (=human) will not be fully charged, and the input will be a digital 0 and vice versa.

DIY Touch Sensor: [Link]