DIY Wii game system

At first glance it looks really silly, but after further investigation it reveals itself as a really complex and carefully designed stand alone game console. The wood box contains accelerometers, color LCD display, the ATmega32 based electronics, buzzer, and to keep things simple two user buttons.

The game is controlled via the two buttons and the tilt of the box, very similar to the well known Wii made by Sony, the major differences are that this is a stand alone unit and its price, the author kept the costs under 60$, he used sample parts for the accelerometers but anyway it is cheap.

The power is taken from a 9V battery, but as you may think the LCD and the sensors drain the battery really fast, so maybe a larger rechargeable battery pack should be used of at least 1500mAH capacity.

The entire project documentation is made public, well documented software written in C. It is a great project which handles graphic LCD display and real-time execution, the fact that he uses the ATmega32 which has free C compiler puts the cherry on the cake. The software could be optimized in some parts, like the SPI handling which is made in software, the schematic is only block level, so if you want to replicate this project you must have some experience in the field.

DIY Wii game system

DIY Wii game system: [Link]