It happens to all of us, trying to get some well earned sleep after a good day of work, and BAM! someone sticks its finger into the doorbell’s button. I know you feel terrible when that happens, after you get up and see what happened, who was looking for you, its too late and you cant get back to sleep. The author of this project, developed the solution for this problem, its a circuit that disconnects the doorbell on a timer. So for example if you feel like sleeping for next 8 hours set the timer to 8 hours and there you go, 8 hours of sleep with no-one ringing at your doorbell.

Door Chime Privacy Sentry

To set the timer, you just push the button momentarily, and when its released, the amber LED will come on and the doorbell circuit is disabled (the door bell button doesn’t work) for a 10 hour period. At the end of the 10 hour period, the amber LED goes off and the doorbell is enabled. 24 Hours after the button was last pushed, the amber LED comes back on and the door chime circuit is disabled again. this cycle repeats every 24 hours, and because its timing is set by a crystal oscillator, it should be able to go for months or years without needing to be reset.

The author : ” Simple as it is, I have to say that this is one of the more useful projects for the home that I’ve built. ”

Follow this Link and you will find full info and schematics on building the door chime privacy sentry.

“Door Chime Privacy Sentry” by Richard Cappels