Ethernet relay board

There many devices which can be controlled trough relays, like light bulbs, pumps, motorized doors, and the list can go on. Most of the relay boards available on the web are based on the serial interface, this has some drawbacks: limited distance, about 15meter based on the RS232 standard, and the new generation of motherboards lack this port. The presented board has ethernet interface using the ENC28J60 and the PIC18F4680, it also has a Real Time Circuit with battery backup, the ethernet interface beside its speed has a major advantage, the RJ45 contains a coupling transformer which is used to galvanically isolate the local electronics ground from the bus, this doesn’t mean that it will support a 230 common mode voltage, but offers protection to a certain limit.

The ethernet interface shows its full potential when comes along with a webserver, fortunately the author thought this to, he developed a simple web server which runs on the PIC, this way you can control the relays trough your network or even the internet.

Ethernet relay board: [Link]