Exoskeleton developed at MIT picture 1       Exoskeleton developed at MIT picture 2

This exoskeleton can make you feel 80% lighter thanks to some new spring technology. The main feature of the exoskeleton is to transfer the weight to a series of springs and tubes running along the legs and torso of its wearer. The MIT exoskeleton, uses just two watts of power, relying instead on a network of springs and dampers to passively transfer the load to the ground. The system attaches to its wearer through shoulder straps, a waist belt, thigh cuffs and a shoe connection which means it’s still not quite like slinging on your everyday backpack from high school. “You can definitely tell it’s affecting your gait,” admits Conor Walsh, a grad student who worked on the project. This kind of robotic development sure impresses and kind of reminds me of the movie Terminator :)) oh yeah there were some exoskeleton definitely present in that movie.