FPGA Logic Analyzer

Another interesting FPGA-based project, this is a Logic Analyzer that is designed to make samples of 24 logic channels and stream the data to a computer for subsequent processing. The device connects to the PC using the USB 2.0 port and supports high transfer rates.

The FPGA mentioned is the EP2C5T144C7N model of Cyclone II device family from Altera and it was programmed using VHDL. The Logic Analyzer also possesses a NET2272 USB controller from NetChip. The device can be self-powered or powered using the USB port, which has a 5V voltage that is converted to 3.3V for the NET2272 controller and to 1.2V for the FPGA core (the conversion is made using two LTC3411 switching regulators).

The Logic Analyzer has three connectors intended for connecting various devices. There is a 10-pin connector for JTAG configuration, another 10-pin connector for a serial FPGA configuration device and a 26-pin connector for probes. The link provides an erratum with key information about software and hardware and some useful tips & tricks on SMD soldering. Schematics and PCB layout pdf files are also included.

FPGA Logic Analyzer: [Link]