Have you ever tried to power up an atx power supply ? if yes, you’ve noticed that there isn’t any obvious way to do it. I mean there is no On/Off switch that you can just flip and the power supply turns on. So you might think that you need a pc to power up an ATX power supply, well you don’t. By following this instructions you can power up any atx power supply because they all power up on the same principle.

In the first picture you can see the 20 pin atx plug, but don’t worry if you have one with 24 pin that works too. Now identify the green wire, notice in my picture you can clearly see the green wire.

How to power up an ATX power supply - the 20 pin atx connector

Now next to the green wire it should be a black wire which is GND. All we need to do to power up the atx power supply is connect the green wire to the black one. You can see in this next picture that i used a piece of thick wire to connect the two. The piece of wire solution is just a temporary one to show you that this works, instead of the wire you can use a switch.

How to power up an ATX power supply - the 20 pin atx connector hack

Make sure you don’t leave the power supply running without a load, because it will overheat and smoke will start to rise. You should be very careful while working with an atx power supply because there are high voltages and currents going trough that thing, and you don’t want to get yourself hurt. So don’t underestimate electricity, because it can kill you.