Infrared Remote control receiver circuit

    It seems that we like remote controlling stuff around the house. So why not control your computer remotely. Many people have turned their Pc’s into multimedia centers replacing their tv, dvd, mp3 player. But a multimedia center without a remote it’s not so good. There are a few commercial alternatives, but they are a bit expensive and are not totally adaptable.

    I have build a project like this which I will present in a future post, it’s a much simpler version of an IR receiver connected to the COM port of your computer and with the help of a plugin trough a software called Girder I successfully control almost anything in my computer. The IR receiver we are talking about now it’s a bit more complicated and more advanced, it uses ATtiny13 microcontroller.

    You have the possibility to turn on/off your computer and also control anything you like from your computer. A note to this project is that its only programmed to work with RC5 remote controls. If your remote control is made to work with RC6 code, or any other IR (InfraRed) system different than RC5, you will never make this circuit work. This is a nice project with practical applications, and its easy accessible to beginners. Click the Link to go to author’s webpage for details and schematics.