Luxeon LED controller (dimmer)

The small super bright Luxeon LED’s are now widely available so projects based on them start to emerge over the web. As you may know in 1999, Lumileds Corporation of San Jose, CA, introduced the Luxeon LED, a high-power white-light emitter. These days many flashlights incorporate Luxeon LED’s as the light source, and are made of aluminum to dissipate the heat from the Luxeon LED. About the project, its a simple circuit that controlls the Luxeon LED trough a button press. By pressing the button you can select 3 luminous strenghts and at the forth press of the button the Luxeon LED powers off. The board is very small and can be easily fit into any existing flashlight. The source code can be obtain only by requesting it via authors email, so head on Authors page to email him if you want to get the source.

Luxeon LED controller (dimmer): [Project PDF][Link]