micro pong game

Looking at the schematic and the firmware this is probably the most compact pong game project, the PIC12F675 has only 6 pins which can be used, an very small flash and ram resources, only 64 byte of RAM!

The TV output is PAL, no other format is supported, the game is controlled with two consoles made of potentiometer and push button, both dual and single player mode is available with two speed option, the small hardware has even an audio output which sends outs the beeps.

The source code is written in assembler language and highly optimized yet reasonable commented, but I don’t recommend reverse engineering it, it is easier to read the authors documentation.

This project shows the real power of assembler language if used properly, this doesn’t mean that every project should be implemented in assembler language, but if space and speed requirements are scarce, then it’s the only solution.

Micro Pong game: [via] [link]