Mini-car Light Installation

Toy cars are something that everybody has encountered during the childhood and even a non-car enthusiast like myself has had his share of toy car playing, racing, garage and road building and all that good stuff. You’d think that something like this would be more suited for kids, but what if you’re a grown-up, you have a small car at your disposal AND possess the knowledge to make some cool hardware improvements? That’s right, awesomeness occurs!

This is a DIY project that enhances a Kyosho Mini-Z car with some incredibly useful features: front, rear and under car lights! The model is actually a VW Golf R32 and, as you can see from the picture, it looks terrific, in true Fast and Furious fashion. The lights are LEDs, two white ones for the front, two red ones for the rear and two bars with 4 LEDs for under the car. The circuit keeping them all on uses a NE555 timer that generates a delay and keeps them on regardless of what the car is doing. Other parts include three capacitors, three resistors and three diodes (you can find a complete parts list and detailed schematics in the link provided, as well as other cool pics).

This is a truly astonishing piece of art, soldering a bunch of LEDs on a toy car, especially with the blue under car lights. If you’re a girl, then I suspect this amazing achievement of science might appear… uninteresting. But if that’s the case, then perhaps an LED Heart of Love would be more appropriate.

Mini-car Light Installation: [Link]