This charger has the same hardware of the Advanced Charger but can charge/discharge up to 19 cells. The advanced charger HV is based on a hardware pratically identical to the non HV version: for this all the material (from the schematics to the PCB) can be dowloaded from the Advanced Charger version. Some of the features of the HV advanced charger are:

  • Power supply with a 24V source (Current equal to maximum charge current).
  • Change the R6 with 12 KOhm, 1% value.
  • Heat sink the 7805 regulator.
  • Change the fan cooler with a 24V model.
  • Reprogram the PIC with the newch_HV.HEX file (see “files” section).
  • Start the charge/discharge of your 14-cells pack!!!.

NiCd Advanced Charger HV: [Link]