The Giveaway Program is suspended until a new sponsor is found.

The Giveaway Program from uCHobby inspired me to create my own giveaway program here at Youritronics. My program is a bit simpler, i only offer professional fabricated PCB’s in exchange of projects published on Youritronics. Now you might ask yourself who will be fabricating the PCB’s?. Well, we are lucky enough to have a sponsor like BKRtech who agreed to fabricate monthly a surface of 295210 mm (A4 sheet standard size) of 2 layer printed circuit board. So you send me a project of yours for it to be published here on Youritronics and in exchange you get for free a professionally fabricated PCB for your next project.

The board doesn’t need to be for the actual project that you submit at youritronics, it can be for whatever project you like, and i wont publish anything related to it unless you agree with it. I mentioned this for those of you who don’t want to share all of your work with the public. So don’t worry your pcb files are safe. (David from uCHobby tiped me about this issue so i can cover it, thanks David)

Here is the first PCB manufactured by BKRtech (I’m gonna use it to make a USB counter). As you can see from the pictures the quality is very good.

PCB manufactured by BKRtech for PCB giveaway program at Youritronics.comPCB manufactured by BKRtech for PCB giveaway program at

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the boards will be shipped from China and you need to pay for transport. You can chose the shipping method you want, for example if you chose regular mail it should be cheap enough.

You’ve got the main idea so now let’s make some rules that the projects should follow:

By submitting an article you are acknowledging that you own the material and have the right to submit it for publishing at Youritronics. We reserve the right to edit, remove, or to optionally publish the submitted articles. Your article submission may or may not be accepted.

Articles should contain pictures and diagrams. These make the article more appealing and help get the points across. Take pictures and supply schematics or screen shots with your article. Make sure you own or have the right to supply the picture as well.

A good article will have several outgoing links to related information on the web. When you mention a product or site in your article, include a link visitors can use to get more information. For example; locate and link to, an article at Wikipedia to explain what a transistor is. Link to the main site for a software tool or hardware component mentioned in your article.

Articles submissions should be plain text, without HTML tags. For links use “[url]” next to the text you want linked. use “[filename]” for pictures or files which should also be included in the submission. We will format the text into HTML for use on the site. You are welcome to suggest formatting in the text. Again use “[]” to surround your comments, links, files, and suggestions.

Articles do not have to be exclusive to Youritronics. They do have to be initially published at Youritronics however. Do not submit content that has already been published elsewhere. Once the article has run (give it a week at least) then you are free to publish it elsewhere. If you submit it to another site, you must inform them that the article has been published at Youritronics.

Pack all the files for your article into a zip file and email them to:

You will receive a reply with some information about when your article will be reviewed.

Now a few things about the board design. It’s better if you work in Eagle, so i can edit your project files in order to generate Gerber files. If you insist on designing in a different environment contact me to see if we can sort things out. When sending your project for review also mention some details about the board that you would like to get, most important being the size of it.