RDS Decoder Using Atmel Microcontroller

An older project (but quite interesting nevertheless), this is an RDS decoder that is able to display various information on a 2 lines with 16 characters alphanumeric LCD. The decoder is connected to an old radio receiver and was originally designed to use the Atmel AT90S2313 as its brain, coupled with TDA7330B RDS demodulator as the decoding-chip. The newer version had the AT90S2313 replaced with the ATtiny2313 microcontroller.

The device can display service name, RDS clock, TA (Traffic Announcement) flag status and scrolling 64 characters long radio text. The decoder requires a Stereo multiplex signal as input, which can be found at the input pin of a Stereo decoder integrated circuit in most radio receivers. The code is written in assembler, which provides for the fastest implementation. There is also a C version of the code, but apparently it’s too big for the 2KB flash memory of the ATtiny2313. However, an improved, smaller C version might be available sometime in the future.

Check links for .zip with PCB layout, schematics and source code (for both the ATtiny and the AT90).

RDS Decoder using Atmel Microcontroller: [Link][via]