This news got my attention because I am a fan of flash memory and I’ve been waiting for some time a big capacity flash memory that can replace the Hard Drive from a computer. I don’t know if this memory could replace a Hard Drive but is definitely a big step forward. Samsung announced an advanced process to pack the maximum of 16 of the multi level cells just 30 nanometers. That means they are able to deliver 64 gigabits of flash memory onto one chip.

Samsung Prepares the 128 GB Flash Memory Card

    The process was called self-aligned double patterning technology (SaDPT). By using the process described above, Samsung can produce 128 GB NAND memory card. Consequently, the price for memory cards will drop, which is a good thing for the consumers. Also, the high storage cards could replace the traditional hard disks being more efficient. But we have to wait till the technology will be released, maybe in 2009.