Self organizing blinker

Ever wondered how can hundreds of fish or birds follow the same rout without crashing into each other? The answer is: interaction with the closest members, based on this algorithm several complex mathematical models were developed, using neuronal networks and other complicated solutions. The project presented doesn’t rely on any complex model, but the result is astonishing, each device interacts with its neighbors and after a while they synchronize each other to the same blink pattern.

You only need one rgb led, light sensor and Attiny13 the led is mounted into a ping-pong ball to diffuse the light, the pcb’s can be connected into a stream.

This is one of my favorite projects, because its simple to replicate, and the effects are very complex, basically this is a neuronal network regardless of the start up blink pattern in the end they will get synchronized. After settling you can interfere with any light source to disturb the system.

Self organizing blinker: [Link]