T-Clock An ARM7 Controlled Blue LCD Clock

T-Clock is a demo-application for Philips LPC2000 ARM7TDMI controller with a KS0108/KS0107-based graphics-LCD (128*64 pixels), DCF77 time-receiver and one wire bus (for DS18x20-Temp.-Sensor).

The time and date are received with a DCF77-receiver-module. The DCF77-signal is transmitted from a station near Frankfurt/Main, Germany and can be received all over Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East. Please visit www.ptb.de and ask google with “DCF77” for more information. In times when the DCF77-signal is not available (i.e. thunder and lightning near transmitter) the RTC of the LPC-controller is used to drive the clock.

The clock also display the temperature measured trough a DS18x20 family sensor. he sensors provide the temperature in digital form on a One-Wire-Bus. The Maxim Web-Site has a lot of information on the One-Wire-Bus.

The whole project should cost you about 100 Euro’s, not cheap but a very good and interesting project for ARM microcontrollers.

T-Clock An ARM7 Controlled Blue LCD Clock: [Link]