Church Bell Controller board + LCD

This circuit is a church bell controller. If you’re not familiar with the idea, it basically sounds a bunch of bells after different melodies and the effect is pretty neat. The controlling is done by an ATmega32 microcontroller hooked up with a 24LC32 memory. For controlling the author implemented a 420 LCD and 6 buttons at the face of the circuit’s box (Menu, Up, Down, Enter, Start, Stop). Among the features are :

  • More 75 different melodies (ADAM, PANYGJRJKO, AGJORJKO, etc)
  • Percussion of clock each half but also entire hours, with possibility of choice of hours of silence (for tourist regions and hours of common quietness).
  • When it runs a rhythm you have the possibility of increase or decrease its speed, the information will stored in memory 24LC32.
  • Control up to 5 bells and 1 clock.

I must say this is the first project of its kind id seen.

Project Author: Antonis Pontikakis

Church Bell Controller can controll up to 5 bells and 1 clock: [Link]