March 9th, 2009

Arduino and Google calendar

arduio and google calendar

This is a real DIY project, hack your old alarm clock, connect it to the Arduino board, write some Phyton script to access your Google calendar and download the data to the Arduino. This will result in a versatile alarm clock, which the author named Larmie.

The alarm clock uses the LM8560 , if your clock has other IC then you must adapt the project, otherwise with the step by step explication it is easy to replicate the Larmie. You can use any calendar software, but I think the Google calendar is the best choice, because you can set your alarm remotely.

The downside of this device is that you need to run your PC all the time, it would be nice to use the Ethernet shield with TCP/IP stack and access directly from Arduino the calendar. Also it would be great if beside the plain 7 segment display some LCD display would show the reason why you should wake up at 6am.

Arduino and Google calendar: [via] [link]

January 14th, 2009

Everything is OK alarm

Everything is OK alarm

This device is a clever watchdog for your home, it monitors doors, water and temperature in the basement, the sensors have wireless interface so no need to trace cables, the main unit is connected to the phone line for remote access. It’s not just a simple alarm system, beside that it monitors the acces points, it also checks the temperature in the basement, to prevent in case of low temperatures the water in the pipes can freeze and crack the pipes.

The brain is the MC9S08GT micro controller from Freescale, so it is harder to replicate, but you can find usefull solutions in the documentation for your future projects, maybe redesign the entire system for your favorite ATMEL or PIC micro controller.

Everything is OK alarm:[PDF][Download]

Ethernet based Security System sends you an Email when the alarm goes off

The need for security systems is growing every day. These days every institution has an alarm system, and people houses are beginning to catch up. One of the features included in most security systems is the sms notification, which the author thinks is not as reliable as Ethernet Notification system because GSM networks can have a congestion at the time the alarm.

Well i disagree with the author, and i think the SMS notification is much more reliable than Ethernet, in fact from my experience Ethernet Networks tend to fail more often that GSM networks. So if you’re thinking of building a security system, i would suggest a SMS notification system instead of an ethernet one, in my opinion sms is more reliable.

Ethernet based Security System sends you an Email when the alarm goes off: [Link]

March 4th, 2008

DIY Laserbeam Alarm

Protect Your Home with Laserbeams – video powered by Metacafe

Here is an easy to make and powerful laser alarm system that can protect your entire home, indoors or out! My inspiration for this project came from Brad Graham & Kathy McGowan. Watch the video for details and the Test Results. You’ll be impressed. I hope you enjoy this Instructable.

DIY Laserbeam Alarm: [Via]

October 26th, 2007

Alarm clock/timer kit

A picture of the finished clock

    This is simple, and the pictures tell you enough. offers you the possibility to buy a kit of this alarmclock/timer that you can assembly yourself. It is available in 2 modes as a kit or ready assembled. The kit comprises of a PCB and all the necessary components.

    The assembled version comprises of a fully populated and tested CPU and display PCB. All that is required is for the two boards to be connected together and mounted on the battery. Printed instructions are provided with both forms of the product. I don’t think they supply you with schematics. That would have been nice to give others the opportunity to build the project themselves. But its their idea and their right to sell it. For full details and ordering click the Link.

A picture of the clocks kit

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