Nokia N97 GPS Upgrade

The N97 touchscreen smartphone from Nokia was announced at the end of 2008 and was released earlier this year. With quite an impressive set of features that would satisfy even the pickiest of mobile phone users, the N97 has its share of flaws that can be very disappointing when counting on the phone to get your job done. Such a flaw is the N97’s GPS performance, which is rather poor, especially with this kind of feature-rich phone – it’s worse than N95, which is already an old model for those who follow the mobile phone industry closely. But this unfortunate defect can be remedied with some minor adjustments.

The idea of this hack is to improve the GPS performance of your N97 with ease, dismantling it with care and adding some copper wire to its antenna. Because half of the antenna wire is covered with glue, you will need to peel it first, until you get to the metal. Then, you add a copper wire (you can easily find it in all sorts of broken stuff you may have laying around) that should be placed under the GPS antenna. And that’s it, your N97 will now be more reliable since the antenna received the special high-tech upgrade presented – the addition of the copper wire!

On a side note, as the author of the original article says, I’m also baffled by the terrible performance of some of the high-end smartphones. I’m not a big fan of the GPS, but something is definitely wrong when you pay hundreds of dollars for a device that performs so bad in environments in which it was meant to function. How all of this eludes the people in charge of testing is a mystery.

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