Bargraph 101 LED display board assembled

This Bargraph can be modified to run like a knight rider bar, or simply move a light from side to side, its up to you. The project is very simple, few parts involved, even if it contains a micro-controller, its still simple. The source code is written in C and can be compiled using GNU C WINAVR compiler.

Bargraph 101 LED display HDSP8820 and AVR AT90S8515: [Link]

Audio Interface Project based on AT90S8515 microcontroller

The Audio Interface Project is an AT90S8515 microcontroller-based interface that upgrades the ChannelPlus MDS-6 Music Distribution System, which is a home audio amplifier. The interface is used to integrate the audio distribution system into a larger automated framework.

Audio Interface Project based on AT90S8515 microcontroller: [Link][Abstract][Download Project]

February 27th, 2008

Microstepper Motor Controller

The AT90S8515 microcontroller-based Microstepper Motor Controller can handle four-wire bipolar stepper motors with up to 1-A phase currents and 30-V power supplies. This project achieves 256 microsteps per step, which is approximately 50,000 steps per revolution.

Microstepper Motor Controller

[View abstract]

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