April 3rd, 2008

Autonomous mail system

Autonomous mail system

This is top high on my cool projects list, i mean an autonomous mail system ? that’s neat. Powered by an ATmega32 AVR microcontroller the mail system features a PS2 keyboard, a ethernet port and an LCD display for menu navigation and reading/composing of emails. In the standby mode the system checks for new mails on a time basis and alerts you on new mail. The only thing you could add to this project is perhaps viewing of attachments 🙂

Autonomous mail system:[Download Project][View Project PDF]

 Dog epileptic seizures monitoring system

Some of our doggy friend’s sadly sometimes have problems. The Doggie 911 electronic monitoring system enables dog owners and vets to monitor the patterns of epileptic seizures in dogs. The real-time, ATmega32 based system logs the number of seizures, the duration of the seizures, and the time between seizures so that veterinarians can better diagnose and treat epilepsy.

Dog epileptic seizures monitoring system:[Download Project][View Project PDF]

 AVR Phone Recorder and Telephony Platform

This well-planned ATmega32 based project demonstrates the implementation of a phone line audio and event recorder that was originally designed for quality-assurance purposes in a call center. The reasonably generic telephony platform can be easily adapted for other applications, such as an answering machine/interactive voice response system.

AVR Phone Recorder and Telephony Platform: [Download Project][View Project PDF]

March 5th, 2008

ATMega Control Board

ATMega Control Board picture

Powerful new ATMega Control Board, includes a pre-installed ATMega32 Atmel Microcontroller, running at 16MHz. This board is ideal for embedded control applications and robotic controllers. Easy to connect and interface with existing equipment, all ports are connected to headers and ADC connections are available using standard pcb terminals. Microcontroller can be programmed in-circuit using separate download unit, download software is included.

On-chip 32kbytes of Flash Program Memory and 2kBytes of RAM. 8 Channel 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter and 4 PWM channels. Programmable serial USART and SPI included within the microcontoller.

Board also includes sockets for a Real Time Clock (DS1307) with battery back-up socket, RS232 Communication (MAX232 included), EEPROM (24LCXX Series) and LCD connection including contrast trimpot. On-board buzzer and reset switch are also included. Power supply is +5V dc, via easy to connect pcb terminals.


  • ATMega32 Main Controller with 32kb of Flash Memory
  • All port pins wired to easy to connect headers
  • ADC Connections available at separate PCB Terminals
  • RS232 Computer Connection (MAX232)
  • Real Time Clock (DS1307 option)
  • EEPROM (24LCXX Series option)
  • LCD Port with Contrast Adjustment
  • Buzzer On-Board
  • Dimensions: Width 82mm, Height 82mm

ATMega Control Board : [Via]

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