July 12th, 2008

ATTiny Development Board

ATTiny Development Board

With this small board you can program most of the AVR ATTiny microcontrollers or you can build your projects to use it in a stand alone application. It can be powered with a 9V battery because it has 5V voltage regulator on it. The voltage regulator can give 1000mA current. The power to the board can also be supplied with a wall wart. Low power external devices like a LCD module can be powered via the board itself.

The board supports programming of:

  • ATTiny12
  • ATTiny13
  • ATTiny15
  • ATTiny25
  • ATTiny28
  • ATTiny45
  • ATTiny85
  • ATTiny2313
  • AT90S1200

ATTiny Development Board: [Link]

March 28th, 2008

Synchronizing Fireflies

 Synchronizing Fireflies

Synchronizing Fireflies is actually a board with 25 LED’s each of them going on and off when sensing light. This is done with a Light Dependant Resistor and a ATtiny13 micro-controller. Since the LED’s are placed close to each other, each LED influences the LED’s surrounding them creating a cool effect.

Synchronizing Fireflies: [Link]

 AVR Based Slave Flash Trigger

A camera’s external flash can be triggered remotely with its built-in flash. Unlike photocells, the ATtiny13 based Slave Flash Trigger is intelligent. It can determine a camera’s main flash and synchronize it with the external flash.

AVR Based Slave Flash Trigger:[Download Project][View Project PDF]

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