July 12th, 2008

ATTiny Development Board

ATTiny Development Board

With this small board you can program most of the AVR ATTiny microcontrollers or you can build your projects to use it in a stand alone application. It can be powered with a 9V battery because it has 5V voltage regulator on it. The voltage regulator can give 1000mA current. The power to the board can also be supplied with a wall wart. Low power external devices like a LCD module can be powered via the board itself.

The board supports programming of:

  • ATTiny12
  • ATTiny13
  • ATTiny15
  • ATTiny25
  • ATTiny28
  • ATTiny45
  • ATTiny85
  • ATTiny2313
  • AT90S1200

ATTiny Development Board: [Link]

April 6th, 2008

Wireless Security System

 Wireless Security System top view

This simple ATtiny45 based wireless security system includes a ZigBee wireless door sensor and a PC interface. When a door opens or closes, the ATtiny45 sends a message to the PC interface.

Wireless Security System:[Download Project][View Project PDF]

April 2nd, 2008

Tiny USB caps locker bug

Tiny USB caps locker bug

I wish i would of presented this project earlier, since it is such a great prank for April the 1st, better luck next year with this prank. The bug based on a ATTiny45 micro-controller was designed to be plugged in into an available USB port, and to remain there unnoticeable. The bug than takes control of the caps lock function turning it on and off. You must imagine that the person sitting at that computer will go nuts trying to figure what’s happening. The bug is versatile and can be reprogrammed to take control of any key you wish.

Tiny USB caps locker bug: [Via][Link]

March 27th, 2008

Gas detector circuit

Gas detector circuit - the assembled PCB

This device powered by the ATtiny45 microcontroller could prove useful when integrated into a domestic or automotive gas monitoring system. The hardware and firmware is optimized to implement a liquefied petroleum gas alarm.

Gas detector circuit: [Download Project][View Project PDF]

March 24th, 2008

SAMEgen test generator

SAMEgen test generator

The compact SAMEgen is a test generator for the National Weather Service’s Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) coding. The ATtiny45-based system is useful for both the development of decoding circuitry and the testing of SAME-enabled receivers.

SAMEgen test generator:[Download Project][View Project PDF]

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