June 15th, 2008



ATMEGA8 DevBRD is an open source development board for the Atmel ATmega8 build especially for Linux users. The board is well suited for beginners who just want to start learning the avr programming but also for advanced users who want to use it as an MCU board.

ATMEGA8 DevBRD: [Link]

June 14th, 2008

Simple Digital Thermometer

Simple Digital Thermometer

The circuit seems to be very popular because it is so simple and still has a very useful and practical application and It is considered by some the perfect circuit to get started with AVR microcontrollers.

This thermometer can be used as a standalone thermometer with LCD display or it can be read out with a PC running Linux, Windows, MacOSX or solaris. BSD Unix and others are probably also possible to use for reading the temperatures. No special drivers are needed.

Simple Digital Thermometer: [Link]

AvrUsb500 - an open source Atmel AVR Programmer, stk500 V2 compatible, with USB interface

The author spend 4 months coding everything from scratch. The result was however worth the effort. This new programmer works flawless and it’s a diy project. The programmer firmware has no device dependent data. Therefore it works for almost any AVR microcontroller on the market and possible future microcontrollers.

This USB programmer can be build from scratch without the need of another programmer to load the initial firmware.  The firmware is open source and programmed in C according to the AVR068 specification from Atmel.

AvrUsb500 – an open source Atmel AVR Programmer: [Link]

Digital Clock Based On PIC16F84A

This is a small ajustable clock, I made based on PIC16F84A microchip.The hardware part is very simple because it only uses 74hct238 demultiplexer, 47 segments, and some rezistors. The software part is programmed through a device connected to serial port with icprog and made/debuged with MPlab.

Digital Clock Based On PIC16F84A: [Link]

June 9th, 2008

Digital thermometer

Digital thermometer

The Digital thermometer was built by using the temperature sensor LM35DZ, PIC16F877 microcontroller and MAX232 IC. Temperature measurements can also be viewed on a computer program which can monitor the state of COM ports of a PC. Sample measurement data received through COM2 is being viewed on the SERIAL WATCHER program which is distributed freely on the internet.

Digital thermometer: [Link]

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