April 21st, 2008

Blu-Ray Laser Pointer

 Blu-Ray Laser Pointer on a piece of paper

We all know the Sony Blu-Ray replacement drive assembly for the PS3 and the Blu-Ray Laser phaser project i mentioned in a past article. So we know its possible to build a Blu-Ray Laser with one of these modules, but what makes this project better than others ? It seems the author payed a little more attention to details and added a current-limited power supply opposed to the simple resistor based design. The project also features rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with charging jack on the back and a protection circuit module for Li-Ion batteries. So you can see now that this project brought many improvements to the original one.

Blu-Ray Laser Pointer: [Link]

November 20th, 2007

Build a Blu Ray Phaser

Very original idea , and i think i don’t need to say any more how cool is this blu-ray laser which is much powerful than ordinary lasers. I like lasers, but i’m trying to keep costs low when building projects, and this one is a bit expensive, however if you like this you can try build it, i am sure it will be nice.

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