JBL CS1204T Car Subwoofer Well why should i write a review on a JBL subwoofer ? Because i got one and it make’s me proud. I recently added this subwoofer combined with a Blaupunkt GTA 2 Special Mk II amp and 4 speakers ,2 for fron, and 2 for rear on my car. I will be reviewing the amp and the speakers in later posts. Lets start with the first impression on the JBL subwoofer IT’S BIG and the second impression IT’S LOUD. The dimensions are 660mm x 346mm so you will lose some space from the trunk of your car if you want this installed, but trust me if you like music like i do, you wont mind it.

jbl logo About the “LOUD” part JBL is saying about this product on their website that it has “New 300mm CS Subwoofer Generation — This quality-built woofer offers double the power handing of the previous generation: Stunning 250/1000 W (RMS/peak)” I can only say, well done JBL it really is LOUD, imagine this waiting on the stop lights listening to your favorite tune so loud that the cars around you are listening to your music instead of theirs. I paid about 160 $ for the subwoofer and the installation kit and it fits quite nicely in my trunk with the big JBL logo printed on it. So far i had no problems , the sound is crystal clear, the bass its amazing, you can fell it trough the seats, trough the floor, its everywhere. I hope this is enough for those of you that were asking themselvs whether to buy this subwoofer or not. If not please post a question and i will be happy to answer it.

Here is the specifications on JBL CS1204T Car Subwoofer:

  • Type Bass-Reflex Subwoofer Tube
  • Power Handling, RMS 250W
  • Power Handling, Peak 1000W
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 90dB
  • Frequency Response 35Hz – 200Hz
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Dimensions (Diam. XL) 660mm x 346mm