January 3rd, 2011

Chip and Pin is broken

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The truth is banks often lie to us to protect their interests. People like Omar Choudary and projects like the SmartCard Detective show us just how much is being hidden from us. If you ever find yourself victim of credit card fraud this might help you to recover your loss. It’s outrageous that even though they know about the loop hole they’re not doing anything to fix it and on top of that if you’re a victim they don’t give you your money back because “EMV is infallible”.

you can read about the EMV interceptor in Omar Choudary’s thesis: The Smart Card Detective – a hand-held EMV interceptor and you can check for more info and source files on his project page.

October 6th, 2008

Weird chip

Today, while i was desoldering some parts from a laptop motherboard i came across a strange chip, at least strange for me because i never saw anything like this before. The chip is labeled LF-H80P, i did a quick search on google but nothing interesting showed up.

At first glance, the chip looks perfectly normal, but when you look on it’s back you can see four inductance windings:

weird chip top side
weird chip with inductance

Interfacing I2C Chips To The NXT

The sensor ports on the NXT support a serial digital protocol called I2C, which was developed by Philips in the 1980’s for use in consumer electronics (in television sets, for example). This article describes the use of a simple I2C chip that provides 8 digital I/O ports with the NXT.

Each one of these eight ports can be used as either input or output (and in some restricted ways also as both). These inputs and outputs are binary: they are either on or off. Input ports can be used for touch sensor (switches), for example. Output ports can drive LEDs, and through relays or other devices they can turn motors on or off. In the setup that this article describes, two ports are used to drive LEDs, two other ports are used as inputs, connected to push switches, and four ports remain unused.

Interfacing I2C Chips To The NXT: [Link]

How to install a WIIKey Modchip

Every gadget gets hacked sooner or later, it’s just the way things go. Some people get bored and can’t help themselves not hacking something to make them different, unique. In this case, you’ll be learning how to install a Wii modchip.

The WiiKey modchip doesn’t actually go on the Wii’s motherboard, but the DVD drive’s motherboard, effectively sitting between the DVD subsystem and the Wii’s DVD interface, and it tells the Wii that any disc inserted into the drive is an authentic disc of that Wii’s region. The Wii never suspects that the DVD drive is lying, and that’s why the modchip allows you to play backup up games, homebrew, and so forth.

How to install a WIIKey Modchip: [Link]

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