PIC16F84A - Countdown timer (7 segment LED)

Here is a countdown timer base on the versatile PIC16F84A, with so many practical applications, nothing illegal though. The time range can be adjusted between 1 and 99 minutes. It displays time sequence on BCD decoded 7 segment LED display. When count down finishes, the microcontroller send’s a control signal to a relay, giving you the possibility to control anything you want at the end of the relay. The board is assembled on soldering technique so no PCB design is available or needed. The project as well as the source code for PIC16F84A is very well documented and explained, so this is a good project even for advanced beginners, you could consider this as your first microcontroller project, you will sure remember it.

 PIC16F84A - Countdown timer (7 segment LED)PIC16F84A - Countdown timer (7 segment LED)

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