PIC Based - Data Acquisition System

Why pay hundreds for a commercial Data Acquisition System when you can build the PIC DAS for less than $50.00? The PIC DAS is built around a Microchip PIC16C63A microcontroller and contains an 8 bit bidirectional Digital I/O port, 12 bit, 8 channel A/D converter and a 12 bit, 4 channel output D/A converter. It is perfect for quickly controlling any project on your workbench! Use the Digital I/O to sense switch closures with the help from the built-in weak pullups, control OPAMP’s, power supplies and the like with the built-in D/A converters.

Measure temperature or sense voltage or current with the built-in A/D converter. The real usefulness of this system is that it has a known simple to use interface that uses real ASCII commands over an RS232 link. This method of control saves programming time that would otherwise be wasted controlling the test setup, instead of actually doing the test.

PIC Based – Data Acquisition System: [Link]