July 15th, 2008

DCF77 Clock-Thermostat

DCF77 Clock-ThermostatDCF77 Clock-Thermostat 2

This project is based on the previous one posted and here the DCF77 runs the clock from the thermostat always on the right time synchronizing not beeing necessary anymore. The temperaturesensor is a DS1820 or DS18B20 and on a HD44780 (or compatible) 216 LC-Display becomes day, date, time, temperature (with 0.1°C precision) and an indication which temperature adjustment (economy- or comfort temperature) is active.

For each day there are 4 ON/OFF times to program, ON means here switch to the comfort temperature and OFF to the economy temperature.
A handy option is for people who work at different times (shift work) because it is possible to program the clock with a 2-weeks scheme.

As you can see a really complex program has been created for this project which makes it really handy for those who need it.

DCF77 Clock-Thermostat: [Link]

Digital DCF77 clock with LCD and gong

This project make use of a PIC16F628(A) and a DCF77 receiver from Conrad. Optional there is a possibility to connect an electronic gong on it. Every second is on PORTA.1 (pin 18) a pulse from 0.5 second. This signal isn’t necessary for anything, but maybe you want to connect a LED on it, so that these wil blink every second, or a piezo buzzer, so that the clock ticks as an analog clock.

Overall the project is great and someone put allot of work into designing it.

Digital DCF77 clock with LCD and gong: [Link]

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