MetaRAM Doubles or Quadruples Memory Capacity

Fabless semiconductor company MetaRAM launched a new memory technology, called DDR2 MetaSDRAM that promises to double or quadruple memory capacity while maintaining compatibility with existing DIMMs.

MetaRAM achieves this feat by using 3D chip stacking methods to fit more capacity into a single memory chip. Such a method alone would have caused issues with compatibility, but MetaRAM developed a custom chipset that sits between the chips that makes the multiple DRAMs look like a larger capacity DRAM to the memory controller.

Also designed to maintain compatibility with existing systems is MetaRAM’s WakeOnUse power management technology. WakeOnUse, as the name implies, enables MetaSDRAM to remain in a sleep state until needed, allowing the memory to fit within current constraints. The company claims that its advancement has accelerated memory technology development by two to four years.

Without any system modifications, MetaRAM says that its memory technology will work with current AMD and Intel server and workstations.

MetaRAM Doubles or Quadruples Memory Capacity: [Via]

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